Chicken soup


Homemade veggie stock or homemade chicken stock (can substitute Swanson chicken broth)

1 roasting chicken (uncooked)

3 white onions, cut in half

3 garlic bulbs, cut in half (can use less, I like more)

3 large carrots, snapped in half

3 large parsnips, also snapped in half

1 bay leaf

salt and pepper to taste

Serve with noodles or my preference, matzoh balls (I prepare mine from a box mix)


Fill the largest stock pot you can find (within reason) approx 1/4 full with stock.  Cover with lid and bring liquid to simmer.

Place all ingredients in stock pot, making sure the chicken is covered with stock.  Simmer until the thickest part of the chicken meat registers 170 degrees on a digital thermometer.  (I use my Thermapen for this.)  Timewise, this is at least 20 minutes, and can be up to 50 minutes depending on how hot you’re cooking. 

Remove the chicken from the stock pot.  When cooled to a temperature that can be handled, remove the meat that you intend to serve in the soup, and store in the refrigerator.  Return the skin, bones and any dark meat you don’t want to the stock pot. 

Let simmer for a few hours.

Then remove the larger pieces of vegetables and chicken parts with tongs and throw away (or compost the veggies).  Pour the broth through a fine mesh strainer.  To be very thorough, you can line the strainer with a tea towel for straining. 

Return the strained stock to the wiped clean stockpot.  Add the reserved chicken meat back to the stock, and add any prepared matzoh balls or noodles.  (Cooking the matzoh balls or noodles in a separate pot of simmering stock will prevent your soup from getting cloudy.)

Serve hot.  To make a complete meal, I’ll often serve with crusty bread and roasted garlic. 

Source:  can anyone really claim a source for chicken soup?  I do credit this variation to a family friend, Julia Child, (that’s two separate people, I don’t think my friend knew Ms. Child personally), and the book Staff Meals from Chanterelle. 


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